Riverside,  oil on canvas, 140cm x 200cm


Born in Penang 1950.  Started oil painting at the age of 13. Prize winner of N. Malaysia Youth Artists Competition (1965-1966). Awarded scholarship by Malaysia Ministry of Culture for Creative Art –USM (1980) and University Scholar- University of Philippines (1983). Graduated BFA (1985) and MFA (1986) Degrees at University of the Philippines. Awarded doctoral degree by Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2008.  


Since 1991, she had developed a figurative style of her own to reflect the unique characteristics and spiritual essence of the Pan- Asian women. Her recent Nyonya series is a reminiscence of the old Penang. The day-to day life of the Nyonyas’(womenfolk of the Straits Chinese Baba)  in relation to own her childhood experiences.

Founder of the International Women Artists Associations Council (INWAC) and international network of women artists groups to promote womens art through the Her Presence In Colours - International Women Artists Exhibition Series. To date, Her Presence In Colours series I to VIII were held at Beijing, Penang, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Sheffield (UK),  Melbourne and Dague.


Held 16 solo exhibitions locally and abroad and numerous group exhibitions in important national and state museums in Malaysia, Argentina, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom, USA , Denmark, Korea, Vietnam etc. Co-founder/Director of Conservatory of Fine Arts since 1987. Initiator of Her Presence In Colours Exhibition -Asian International Women Artists Exhibition series since 1993. Founder cum President of World International Women Artists Council –INWAC since 1999,  which  has established its sub-centers in various regions of the world  to promote women’s art through the “Her Presence In Colours” -  International Women Artists Exhibition Series. To date, “Her Presence In Colours series  I-X were held at Beijing, Penang, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Sheffield (UK). Melbourne,  Dague, Portland(USA) and Ho chi Minh City( Vietnam)

She has 9 publications to her credit. Over 100 articles about Yuen Chee Ling have been published in magazines, periodicals, news papers and art books.  Interviewed by Hongkong TV, Canadian TV, Korea TV, China National Radio, Asro, Vietnam TV and many others.

Her Paintings are in the collection of Malaysian National Art Gallery,Olympic Museum , Beijing, Heshan Museum, Guangzhuo,China, USM Museum, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation Center, Bangkok Metropolitan Bank, Esso, Philip Morris and Pacific Bank.  Over 300 works collected by collectors from Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Denmark, USA, England, Singapore and Japan. Authoring "Women by Women" & "Batik as Painting".


Invited to Olympic Fine Arts 2008 ( Beijing) as " Representative of Excellent Artists of the World". Awarded Gold Medal, Olympic Torch and Certificate by the organizer of Olympic Fine Arts 2008. In 2013, Yuen Chee Ling was elected as the Honorable member of the Russia Royal Academy of Fine Arts as outstanding international figure  and her achievement in Fine Art. She was awarded a certificate, red robe, medal with emblem of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and a  passport to all the museums of the world.