Recent Paintings

oil on canvas , 55 x 92cm200
Dream of Peace,
oil on canvas , 61cm x122cm
(exhibited at China National Art Gallery April- 2008)


Nyonya Melody, oil on canvas. 73x73cm

A Trishaw Ride, Oil on canvas, 16inx16in

Autumn Glow
Oil on canvas  25 x25 in ( 65cm x65cm)

oil on canvas. 23x23in

Chap Goh Meh III
Oil on canvas<
20.25in X 18.75in (51cm X 48cm) 2011

Nyonya Lullaby
Oil on canvas, 16.5in X 16.5in (42cm X 42cm),

Full Moon Ensemble
Oil on canvas, 60x72cm(23-5x28-5in,

Elegance-Nyanyo Series
oil on canvas, 45in X 45in , 2012

Nyonya Emsemble, Oil on canvas
44in X 57in (112cm X 145cm) 2012

Silvery Night, Nyonya Series
Oil on canvas, 85cm X 100cm, 2012

Picnic, Oil on canvas , 206cm x145cm, 2013

Lily Pond-Sunset,
Oil on canvas, 147cm x 213cm, 2013

Lantern Night,
Oil on canvas, 67cm x67cm, 2013


Shelter IV,
Oil on canvas, 71cm x71cm,2013


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