Painting the "figure" was my childhood obsession. I always likes to paint the portraits of different people. The face tells about the person and his/her background...

In recent years, during my travels to different parts of Asia, I painted the portraits of the ebautiful native women from real life. To delineate female faces that reflect beauty and innocence is a personal way to celebrate the joy of life and existence.  


Self Portraits 2003, oil on canvas

  Maternal Love- Nepal   Self Potrait with Violin-oil on canvas   Angkor Smile, oil on canvas  
  Malay Girl, oil on canvas   Balinese Beauty, oil on canvas   Indian Beauty,  oil on canvas  
  First Born- commissioned  portrait of Mrs Petter oil   Indian Beauty
Oil on canvas

Self Portrait - 2005, oil on canvas ( top)

Jenny - 2009 oil on canvas ( left)

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Beauty Series 2009