Bride, oil on canvas, 2003.


My recent “Nyonya-Reminiscence” series depict the daily life of the Nyonyas (General term used to address a Straits born Chinese woman) in Penang from the 1950s to the 1970s when people seem to display much more love and humanity. Nyonyas are known to be warm, sociable and dedicated to the things of beauty. This special qualities contributed to the preservation of the Penang Nyonya-Baba culture.     
 - Yuen Chee Ling

  Chap Gooh Meh II
Oil on canvas, 2005
    Jasmine Garden
, Oil on canvas,2005
  At Balcony
Oil on canvas, 26.5x31in, 2003
  Playing Chess
Oil on canvas, 20.5x20.5in
    In the Street
Oil on canvas,2004.
  Nyonya Ensemble
Oil on canvas,2004
  At Five- Foot way
Oil on canvas, 2004.
    Dressing Up
 Oil on canvas, 2002.
  Happy Birthday- Nyonya series
Oil on canvas
  Mother's Love
Batik, 2006.
    Red Candle Night
Oil on canvas,43cm x51cm
  Chap Goh Meh
Oil on canvas

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